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Red with No Name

I sit at the cash-register, and sigh. I work at a small, cozy cafe for money. I twist my red hair as I boringly wait for a costumer to arrive. I rub my eyes, these baby blue contacts itch, a lot. But I'd rather have itchy eyes then be caught by the cops, I think anyone can agree with me on that one...
I've thought about killing tonight, but I'm just not feeling it. It's for the best though, I need to run to the grocery store anyway.
A brunet walks into the store, she where's a pink sweater, winter coat, bootleg jeans, and knee-high black boots. I grip onto my hoodie's sleeves. She reminds me of Hannah, my first kill. I would murder her over and over if I could.
I force a smile on my face, and simply ask "How may I help you?"
She awkwardly pulls a wallet out of her purse. "Just a mocha latte, that's all."
She told how she wanted it, and I made it for her, and I swapped a warm paper cup for a handful of money. I slide it into the register, and say "Have a nice day."
She nods and says, "You too." And walks out the door.
Thank the lord thats over, I felt like taking the pen I had in my pocket and stabbing her in the eye, she just looked so much like Hannah!
The feeling hasn't grown yet, that's good. I sip on my raspberry tea and sit in silence for the next customer.
There is only three of us working at the cafe today, counting me. The TV on the wall switches to the news.
"Veronica Fraklin, still missing." Says the women reporter.
I smirk and take another swig of tea, what idiots, Today is my 18th birthday, two years that I've been "missing". But truth is I ran away, you don't commit murder and then go home to your ink stained bedroom walls and then act like nothing happened.
As soon as I had enough money, I moved out of state, and now I'm here.
I almost spit out my tea when my mother shows up on the screen. I suddenly realize how much I miss her...
"Please, I'm just a single mother that wants her baby back..." She pleads with tears in her eyes.
I have tears in my contact-covered orbs too, I look to the clock quickly, I only have fifteen more minutes until my sift is over and the store closes.
I look down at my phone, and pretend to text. I can't look at the TV, I'm also not allowed to change the channel either...
My mom talks for a little more, and then switches to a police officer. "We believe that Veronica Fraklin may be out of state..." He says.
This time I choke on my tea. "What?!" I hiss quietly to myself.
They show a pic of my on the screen. I wear my favorite black jacket with white cuffs and hood and my red hair is tied into a braid. I choke on tears, my mother always told me that was her favorite picture of me.
"Please contact the number if you see this girl" Says a female voice, and a phone number shows up under the photo of me.
"You think they'll find her?" Ask my co-worker Max. He has red hair and green eyes, he's part Scottish, like me.
"I hope so..." I say before I take a sip of my tea.
He nods. "Yeah, me too..." He looks away from the TV. "I can't imagine what the mothers going threw..."
I grip back onto my sleeves, while the guilt eats me alive. "Yeah..." I mumble. "Poor mom..."
He looks at me again. "Happy Birthday by the way!" He says, and hands me a card.
I'm surprised, I barely even know Max. "Um, thanks?" I say, and open the card up.
$35 and a 15 dollar Itunes card, nice. I look at him. "Thanks dude, this will help me fill up my gas tank..."
He smiles. "No problem."
I check the clock, it's finally time for me to go back to my small, warm, cozy apartment. This cafe gets so cold in the winter.
As I take of my apron and slid on a light blue hoodie, Max starts talking to me again. "So, are you doing anything special for your birthday?" He asks.
I grab my purse and shrug. "Not really, I'm just staying in my apartment, like usual.
He furrows his brow. "By yourself?" He asks.
I nod. "Pretty much..."
He grabs my arm before I walk out. "Let me take you out to dinner tonight."
I raise my eyebrow in confusion. "Like a date? You know I don't date..." Which is true, if I dated anyone, they'd be sure to find out my true identity. Plus, I just don't believe in love...
"Melody, please..." He begs.
I cringe at the sound of my fake name and roll my eyes... "Fine..."
This better keep me from looking suspicious....

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