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Redhead Story: Project Red

The year is 3027. Earth has the human population of billions of people. People with natural red hair have a mutation in their brain that gives them the possibility of any power. All the redheaded people are sent to the Italian city of Venice for a sort of project. Four people - two men and two women - over the age of 20 go into a machine and are sent back in time, so the earth at this age can have more redheads. A fourteen year old girl named Soul is chosen, which is an immediate problem. The other problem, the machine malfunctions. Instead, they are sent to a parallel universe where human-spider hybrids rule. Seemingly everything is out to get them. Soul, the shy young one, Divan, the leader, Nakaza, the woman who grew up in a broken home, and Saiph, the sarcastic jerk who hates all of them. And the third and final problem, they can't find a way back home.

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