Redhead Next Door

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A redhead girl was waiting for her parents to pick her from the airport. She had thick red straight hair and emerald green eyes that was shaped like almonds. She was fairly tall since she was 5'4" and a fair complexion, where ever she went the one thing people would compliment on the most is her eyes as they always twinkled with mischief, over all she was a very pretty young lady.

She was very and kind and sweet, also very funny just like her father Alfred Evans, but always very fierce, independent and tough minded just like her mother Mary Evans, not to mention she was cheeky, rebellious, and was not afraid to speak his mind.

She was originally born in London, England, but when she was eleven she was accepted into two wizarding schools. The first one was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and then she was accepted to Salem Witches' Institute in America, her parents didn't want her to miss out on this opportunity so they let go to and stay with her cousin Dina, who gladly took her in.

When she went to America she was a very timid, shy and sensitive, and for this girls would walk all over her, using her kindness for their own game. But, when a prank went horribly wrong, she went to the baddest girl in Salem's and learned how to rebel. This girl changed. Audrey Evans changed. All because of the girls who walked all over her and she didn't want to be walked all over so she had changed.

Riley Hayden, the girl that had helped change her became her best friend. When Audrey had turned fifteen she and Riley had gotten tattoos, Audrey had gotten it on her left arm and it was a stag, she loved stags and had decided on that. While Riley had gotten her's on her wrist that said 'Rebel forever'.

She was the opposite of her twin Lily Evans, Lily did not have the same amount of courage that Audrey had and stuck to the rules while Audrey would break them, and even if they were twin sisters that did not mean they liked each other.

Even if Audrey was rebellious she cared deeply for her studies and excel in them, she was very busy with core classes and electives such as Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Alchemy. On her free time she likes to play pranks along with Riley and play on the schools qudditch team as a seeker, but Riley doesn't like quidditch as much as Audrey does and the only reason she goes to the games is because she places bets on who will win the match and of course to cheer on her best friend.

Riley and Audrey never really got caught when it came to their pranks, they would usually put alot of time and energy to their plans and when the prank is ready and set they would make sure they had a valid alibi if needed.

In Salem's Audrey was Prefect since she was the most respected student and the Professors would not hesitate to agree. She had very little enemy's, but the enemy's she did have were the ones who judged her on her blood status and she had zero tolerance for those who did judge her on such silly things. She also did not like those who practiced the Dark Arts.

Audrey has had her fair share of heart breaks , although since she attends an all girls school she does not date a lot, but she does have those summer romances.

Audrey sat at the airport reading a book to pass the time as she waited for her Mother, Father. Lily was in Hogwarts since it was the middle of November, her parents had decided to let her come back to England and even though she would miss Riley it was great to be back home and Lily didn't know she was coming, which would make her arrival the icing on the cake.

A voice brought her from her thoughts when she had turned around all the wind was knocked out of her and found herself in a bone crushing hug,"Oh, sweet heart I missed you" Audrey recognized her mothers voice instantly an hugged her back. Audrey and Lily had their mother figure and looks while they inherited their father's red hair.

"Oh god you have grown"Her father smiled hugging Audrey once she had let go of her Mother,"Oh how I have missed you"Audrey smiled,"And you haven't lost your accent"her mother smiled, it as true Audrey still had her strong English accent that she had grew up with, this was one of the reason she got teased because of the way she talked.

"Yeah never lost it"Audrey shrugged revealing her stag tattoo, her father grabbed her arm to see it more clearly,"When did you get a tattoo"Her mother hissed while her father stared at it with wide eyes,"Uh.. well I got it last year on my birthday and I know I should have asked you first, but you would have said no if I told you"She said sheepishly,"Of course we would have said no"Her father said loudly.

They scolded her a bit for getting a tattoo without their consent, "So are you going to make take it off" Audrey asked really not wanting to take off her tattoo, they looked at each other having a mental conversation then said "No, we will let you keep it-", "But no more tattoos" Her father finished, "Don't worry" Audrey smiled. "Now let's go home", " Good I'm starving" Audrey said dramatically slinging her messengers bag over her shoulder while her father took her trunk.

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