Redhead Next Door

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When Jax first saw the fiery redhead he knew he had to have her. Till he found out his best friend was her big brother, David. Jax tried to ignore his newfound crush but ends up having a deep and lustful desire towards the girl. Jax ends up telling his best friends to keep every living being with a male body part away from the girl. Jax would be her first everything. Kiss. Date. Boyfriend. Everything. He gets possessive of a girl who isn't his. In the process of Jax's friends keeping boys away from Cher--they take a liking to her friends and nearly fail their job. Cher and her two best friends face her older brothers rabid pack of friends and can't help but feel attached to a certain member. All hell breaks loose when David finds out about his best friends obsession with his sister and everything goes criss cross.

My breath hitched in my throat at the sight of the beautiful girl sitting in the tree, sketchbook in front of her and lying on her lap of the faded jeans she wore. The fabric clang to her legs, accenting her curvy waist quite nicely. The purple v-neck sliced down her chest but the skin I wanted to see was covered with a white tank top. The black vans she wore looked dirty and ripped up against the tree's branches.

"Her..I have to have her" I said quietly.

I had to. That was it. She looked to be a freshman in highschool and three of the boys were as well.

"Matthew, Finn!" I called to the boys in the bed of the truck.

They crawled over and I opened the small window that gave me access to the bed of the truck from the seats.

"You see that girl?" I asked, nudging my head back to the tree about a quarter of a mile away.

Their eyes went to the tree and back to me, nodding their head.

"What school does she go to?" I asked, itching to get information on the girl.

Finn took one more glance before answering,"Yeah. She goes to our school. She's a freshie as well!" He said with a cheeky grinn.

A smirk tore across my cheeks, eyes flickering to a darker blue. My tongue grazed my bottom lip and wet it with my saliva.

"Have any classes with her?"

They nodded.

"Keep any guy away from her. From asking her out. From kissing her. She looks innocent and she will stay that way. I call dibs and NO guy can have what I call. Got it?" I asked them, fists tightening at the though of somteone kissing her perfectly red lips.

"Okay. But bro, you're a junior! She's a freshie. How does that work?" Finn asked, raising his brow.

I chuckled at the green eyed boy with caramel locks, shaking my head and dipping my it down before bringing it back up to meet their confused gazes.

"She's what, fourteen? I'm only two years older. I'm two years older than the both of you as well. So do as I say." I demanded, my gaze hardening as I shot them a look.

They both gulped and nodded their heads slowly, making me crack them a smile.

"But that's David's sister." Matthew said, piping up for the first time since this morning when we chatted about girls at school.

I instantly froze. Anger began to pump through my veins, fists clenching. David was nineteen and is starting his first year in college. He was majorly protective about his family but never said anything about him ever having a sister. Then is dawned on me. We're teenage boys and he has a sister. Sounds reasonable, right? But keeping her away!?

Damn him.

"Then don't tell David. And if you touch her yourself then you'll have to face me. I get to be her first." I said firmly, putting emphasis on the 'I'.

Finn and Matthew nodded their heads slowly and slumped back against the medal bed of the truck. I turned in my seat and put on my black raybans and looked at the girl. I caught a glimpse of her looking at me and I smirked, waving.

She'd see me soon.

When she was old enough for the taking.

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