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Look Like A Natural Redhead

Natural redheads are certainly rare. That is one reason why so many women want red curly hair colors and try and dye their head of hair.  Unfortunately many people are dissatisfied with the results because true red hair is the most challenging color to fake.

Not many women have naturally red colored hair. This has driven to a widespread consumption of Red Hair Dye because the color is so desired. There are actually many aspects to give some thought to before you make the decision of painting your hair red since there are many distinct tones of the color red. Case in point, there are those redheads who surprisingly have auburn hair and they really look fantastic with them, but would not be as pretty with bright red hair.

Pulling off the look of a natural redhead by making use of Red Hair Dye probably will turn out challenging to those who put the dyeing their own hair. However very simple for other hair dye colors, red can be a challenge to the hands of non experts.  If you plan to go red, sometimes its best to keep the hair dye to the professionals.
Natural redheads are flattered by golden blonde, fuchsia or champagne highlights. If your red hair has cool tones, beige blonde highlights are the most complementary. If your red hair has warm tones, copper highlights will complement it best. Sun exposure can make your highlighted hair brittle, though, so make sure you get sun protection always.

When you talk of the early age of stage and screen, several redheads come to mind; Rita Hayworth (who was not a natural redhead) Lucille Ball (who used to joke that she couldn’t remember her natural hair color), Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn. There are so many more.

Some more notable names include the redheaded queen of the eighties, Molly Ringwald, delightfully funny, Madeline Kahn, and the gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and Lindsay Lohan also come quickly to mind.  Some of these may not be natural redheads, but they certainly have some beautiful red hair.

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